San Diego Acupuncture Video: How to track your basal body temperature

Tracking the female basal body temperature has long been used as a natural method of family planning, but it is also very handy to do when you are trying to conceive. Along with ovulation predictor kits that let you know when your fertile time is coming, tracking your basal body temperature, (or BBT which it will be referred to from this point Continue Reading

San Diego Acupuncture Articles: Why the Warrior mentality Keeps men off the treatment Table

Why is it so difficult to get hubby to get a check up, treat a medical issue, seek treatment for stress or mental health? What is it about men that cause them to blatantly ignore dire health warning like hypertension, and keep on keeping on? Why would any sane human insist on laying down some hardwood flooring in the middle of a major sciatica Continue Reading

Acupuncture San Diego: Preparing for IVF with Acupuncture-What you need to know

If your like a lot of people who see me at my San Diego office, you are seeking acupuncture to assist with the success of your IVF cyle. Perhaps you just heard about fertility acupuncture, and are wondering if it is too late at this point, or it can still help. Here is how acupuncture can benefit you: Fortunately. acupuncture can help at a number Continue Reading

San Diego Acupuncture: Monthly Acupuncture Treatments

While not ideal for acute situations, such as sudden back pain, or for a new patient, a monthly, routine acupuncture treatment has a myriad of health benefits. I have a number of patients who come in to my San Diego Clinic for monthly treatments for many years now. Why is monthly acupuncture so beneficial? After seeing a patient on a weekly basis, Continue Reading

San Diego Acupuncture: Can Acupuncture Help With Stress and Insomnia?

Stress is epidemic in modern society. It is the root of a host of disorders from irritable bowl syndrome, insomnia to hypertension and many more. In my San Diego Acupuncture office I see stress playing a major complicating factor in everything from fertility to pain issues. Here are some of the ways acupuncture can help: Stress mobilizes the Continue Reading

San Diego Acupuncture Fertility: Three Dietary Tips That Can Boost Your Fertility

The patients of my San Diego acupuncture clinic who are seeking treatment for fertility problems often ask me "what can I change about my diet that can improve my chances to successfully become pregnant?" I want to share three major tips Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer women trying to conceive. And yes, men can benfit from these as Continue Reading